How can we deliver?

Bags 40 L / 50 L

  • Convenient 40 L or 50 L bags
  • Placement on a practical pallet size
  • Available at your local construction store

Bigbags 1 m³ / 2 m³

Distributie_argex bigbag
  • Efficient loading and unloading of trucks
  • Better stock management
  • Always correct volume
  • No loss and/or contamination of the material
  • Better management of the available storage space
  • No loss of space and material on the construction site

Large volume tipper trucks

  • Up to 65 m³ per truck
  • Ideal for supplying large volumes


  • From 800 m³ up to 10 000 m³
  • A low transport price, because the company is located at the quay
  • ± 4000 m³/day
  • Ideal for supplying large volumes to companies located along waterways

Silo trucks

Silowagen - distributie - argex
  • Argex granules are “blown” on site by means of a silo trailer (content per silo truck up to 60 m³) at a speed of ± 30 m³/hour at 50 m horizontally (possible blowing up to 80 to 100 m horizontally and 40 m vertically)
  • Surfaces, tubes and underground structures (basements, tanks, roof gardens… or other hard-to-reach places) can be filled easily and in a minimum of time
  • The finishing is done immediately
  • No loss of material
  • Limited placement costs
  • The right grain in the right place!

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